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Altez is another Super High-Rise Residential Development which consists of a 62-storey, 280-unit residential tower, complemented by commercial development on the first storey. At a staggering height of 250 metres, it offers panoramic views of the sea and the city.

Being built at such an altitude and in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD), our team of experienced personnel anticipated potential problems and prepared the necessary solutions.

The fire protection design for a high risk building is usually very complex with multiple fire water transfer system at different levels. Attention to the very fine details from the sizing to acquiring the fire fighting pumps is crucial to eliminate any chance of failures. There was absolutely no room for errors.

The delivery of material and equipment for both temporary provisions and permanent installations had to be carefully planned and carried out. Planning was done long in advance to ensure that all safety requirements were met and that the process caused minimal disruption to the surrounding traffic. With the lack of loading platforms at the construction site, deliveries involved both manual and mechanical means. These daunting tasks involved a great deal of teamwork from amongst our staffs, main contractor and all our suppliers.

In conclusion, with the successful implementation of Altez’s complex fire protection systems, RICO has truly soared to greater altitudes.

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